Why You Need It
Welcome to the world of super kegels. KegelBell is the only kegel ball with a weight that hangs outside of the vagina creating an automatic reflex for the perfect kegel. With two inserts and three weights for customizable workouts, don’t underestimate your inner strength.


  • Kegel weight training kit with unique weights that hang outside of the vagina

  • Helps create an automatic reflex response for the perfect kegel

  • Includes 2 inserts (small and large) and 3 weights for a customizable workout

  • Made from smooth, medical grade silicone

Tech & Size

  • Kit includes 2 inserts:

    • Small: 1.1 in (30mm)/30g (1 oz)

    • Large: 1.3 (35mm)/40g (1.4 oz)

  • 3 Customizable weights:

    • 30g (1 oz)

    • 60g (2.1 oz)

    • 120g (4.2 oz)

💦 Compatible with water-based lubricant.

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